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Tips On How To Survive The Aftermath Of The Apocalypse

With the problems our global economy faces today, is it really possible that the apocalypse is coming? Although all of these are nothing but healthy speculations, being prepared will always give you an edge in life. Because we live in a world dominated by technology, most of us have now forgotten how to survive naturally. If the apocalypse is really true and it does happen one day, all of us will be left with no other option but to use our basic instincts for survival. We will be forced to live our lives without technology. This will certainly be very difficult for all of us.

Despite the fact that none of us really know when the end of the world will come, you can never go wrong by always being prepared. You must learn how it is to survive and live off land, learning this skill will be very beneficial for you in the long run. Plenty of people will laugh and ignore this fact but due to the many problems our world faces, there is a huge possibility that the apocalypse will come one day. When this happens, you will be glad you prepared for it.

The reality today is very sad, most of our elected politicians are more focused on the incoming reelections rather than sustaining our economy in the future. Because of this, we are very likely to face a post apocalyptic survival situation. No family is exempted, every single one of us should be well-equipped with the knowledge and skill necessary to survive. This way, in the event that a disaster occurs and it disturbs the regular flow of our society, we will avoid being anxious or nervous but instead be ready to survive.
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Plenty of people realize that no one is exempted from a disaster after hurricane Katrina hit us. This calamity only made us realize that we must all be prepared.
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There is nothing to lose when we prepare for the unknown, just in case the apocalypse is not true, at least we were able to obtain helpful and useful survival skills. Knowing that you are protected and that you are confident with your skills is something that cannot be bought by money.

Post apocalyptic survival is a trending topic today due to plenty of movies and even games. This is indeed an eye opener for all of us.

In conclusion, even though you are well-equipped with the latest gear and tools to survive, in the end, your life will still depend on your survival skills and knowledge. If you want to survive the aftermath of the apocalypse, it is essential that you go back to the basics and learn the fundamentals of living in the wilderness. In the event of a post apocalyptic survival situation, you will be surprised how beneficial it is to develop your survival skills.

Hire a Private Label Manufacturer To Introduce A New Food Product

Private label manufacturers create new food products as well as sell all these items to other food businesses which again sell them in the market under their brand name. There are different reasons why you would want to use their services and why you should not develop new food products on your own. If you want to cater to the demands of the customers it is important that you should take the help of a private label manufacturer as soon as possible. Plus, if you want to increase the popularity of this kind of item quickly, it is vital that you should try to develop it in the best possible way. Its cost is determined by the total amount of quantity you have purchased as well as the kind of packaging you have used. You need to take into account additional costs such as label printing or application as well as exclusive packaging in order to deliver your food products in the best possible way. Here lies the importance of hiring this type of manufacturer. This article will highlight on a few benefits that you are able to get from private label manufacturer.

It is vital to remember that private label manufacturing helps you to promote pre-tested items yourself. All you have to do is to increase as well as expand new food products by all possible means. If you do so, there is every possibility that you do not have to worry to develop this kind of item on your own. In fact, it helps you to save time, money as well as efforts since you do not have to develop it from scratch. Plus, you do not have to spend a lot for business operation and it can also help you to reduce the risk of the product manufacturing process as much as you can. You can also enjoy a high margin of profit and you can also gain control over inventory by all possible means.

You must find one on the basis of food product you wish to manufacture and you should choose someone who has gained the expertise to produce it by all possible means. It is vital that the private label manufacturer you choose has gathered long years of experience with new food products you wish to sell. In order to check that he maintains a good track record, it is advisable that you must find out from recognized authorities without any kind of delay. When you check out from this kind of bureau, it is vital to see if you are able to find out any negative comment or review about him at any point of time.

Once you check out his personal details successfully, the next step that you should follow is to request the private label manufacturer you have chosen to give the names of the customers who can vouch for their skills by all possible means. If the private label manufacturer you have selected does not want to share the details of their referees, it is vital that you should look out for the next option.

It is important that you should avoid those who actually do not fit your criteria at any point of time. For instance, if you want to produce bakery products, but if he only produces grocery items, it is vital that you should look out for an alternative option without any kind of delay.

To Experienced Consultants: The Most Efficient Way to Get a Job

As a consultant candidate, no matter if you are an industry hire, a MBA or an experienced consultant (senior consultant, associate partner/principle consultant), you will still be tested in case interviews for your analytical skills and your approach to solving problems.

Your experience doesn’t matter so much in order to pass the case interview because consulting companies want to know how you think, how you solve problems.

However, your experience matters in the selection process for an interview.

So, you have 2 challenges: get an interview and pass the case interview.

In this article I will show you a method that allows you to avoid the recruitment system, with no networking and that you can use to prove your analytical skills, your approach to solving problems, that you are genuine during the process and are the right candidate for the consulting job you want.

But first, let’s see why you should avoid the traditional recruitment system.

The 1st challenge: Get an interview

When you apply for a consulting job, it is not a question of having the right qualifications or not because consulting is a very competitive environment in terms of getting a job. Most of the candidates are qualified this is already a basic requirement. So, your chances for being selected for an interview decrease significantly.

At this point, you need to make your resume stand out by having a better layout, summarize and articulate your qualifications, skills and results in order to pass the screening process etc.

But this is also something most of competent candidates do. Hence, it is not enough to stand out from the crowd. That is why it is highly advisable to do networking in addition to submitting your resume.

So, you need to invest a lot of time, effort and maybe also money to craft a professional resume and cover letter and interact with key people that can make it easier for you to get an interview. This is the best approach for most of the candidates. If you go with the traditional application, you will go with the crowd and this decreases your chances to get an interview.

The 2nd challenge: Passing the case interview

Case interviews are made to simulate the real environment and conditions of a consulting job.

The ideal way to see if someone is a perfect match for a job, is to observe the actual person at work. Since this is not possible, consulting companies created case interviews that simulate the job.

A job implies working with team mates, dealing with a real client that has real problems, finding data and facts about the company, doing onsite visits in order to assess the problem, the situation more accurately etc. In addition, as a senior consultant or principal consultant, you are expected at least to generate leads and/or also to have sales skills, depending on the job you apply for.

The case interview: the real client is replaced by an interviewer and the team mate with another candidate. Since you don’t have weeks in order to find all the relevant facts for solving a problem, you are expected to make assumptions and your own hypothesis in order to find a solution to a business case. This is because what it matters the most is your approach to solve problems, how you use facts and assumptions to build an argument and articulate a situation in order to find an answer. If you do it right, you will pass the interview because it is likely you will also apply the same mindset on your day to day job with real clients.

Overall, in this context, it is difficult, but you still need to stand out and prove your problem solving skills, especially because it is a very competitive environment.

That is why it is better if you redirect the same time and effort you spend competing against the crowd and invest them in a far more efficient approach that nobody does (no competition). But this will make you stand out and prove yourself for the consulting company that you can accomplish the responsibilities of the job because this is the purpose of all the complicated recruitment system and case interviews.

So, what is the best way to prove your relevance for the job? The best way is to deal with a real potential client that has a real problem. So, you will simulate both the job and the case interview in a REAL set up.

This will make you stand out from the rest of the candidates and become absolutely credible.

Overall is about solving a REAL business case by meeting the selection criteria for the job: use some facts, make assumptions, ask questions, use your analytical thinking, focus on logical arguments that support your solution, prove you are an independent problem solver, take charge of the situation.

Solving a real problem and deal with a real potential client is relevant because:

you will proceed like in a case interview: you won’t try to find an accurate solution, but you will focus on the mindset and process for solving a business problem.
It is a more efficient alternative to prepare for case interviews
You will avoid the crowd and competition from the resume selection process and stand out
You just redirect all your time, effort and focus on a far more efficient direction that increases your chances considerably to get a job that nobody does it.

This will make you stand out because you will look more credible, genuine in your approach and prove that you are an independent problem solver. In addition with this method, you will also accomplish something that no candidate does with the traditional approach, namely generate a lead.

If you are skeptical about it, you can look at it as another way of doing quality networking.


Choose the company you want to work with according to your expertise and the client’s profile of the company.

I mention above that you will try to solve a real business case. So, according to the client’s profile your targeted company has, you will choose a company for your business case.

For example, if the company you want to work for targets retailers, then you will choose a retailer.

Research the company: during the case interview this is the step where you have to ask questions to find out additional data about the situation presented by the interviewer.

In this case, you will do your own research about the retailer by visiting their website, searching on Google, looking for interviews in media etc.

Visit the business activity: this is an activity that you will perform only during the job you want to get. The case interview doesn’t include it, so it doesn’t give you the opportunity to prove your observation, selective and analytical skills in this real situation.

During your job, the client will allow you to visit the business activity. But, in this case, you haven’t won the client yet.

So, you will adjust an official on-site visit by becoming a client in order to observe the serving process and get insight about the business activity and model of the company while you are buying their product or service. So, you will buy a product, request assistance for service, ask questions, interact with the staff and make phone calls if necessary, allow yourself to become subjective and get in the shoes of a real client even though, you are prospecting a company and potential client.

This way you will get additional information to the actual research you have made.

Make assumptions: this is a step that you are allowed and required to make during a case interview. This is because you don’t have enough data and facts about the problem you have to solve and because you have to prove your systematic, critical and analytical thinking.

In this situation it is the same: based on your data and facts that you found out from your research and from being a client, you will make assumptions in order to be able to draw a bigger picture, to wrap up the situation of the company. You don’t have enough time and data in order to find an accurate solution.

Identify a possible and relevant challenge or opportunity the retailer has and they are not aware of or that they haven’t found a solution for. During the case interview, this is something the interviewer asks you directly and that you build your assumptions and gather data on.

In reality, on your day to day job, even if the client comes with a problem he wants to solve, you still have to investigate the request at a deeper level in order to find the relevant cause, information and data to efficiently solve the problem.

In this case, you will look and analyse the data you have researched, the observations and information you collected as client and the assumptions you have made about the business or situation and find a challenge or opportunity the business has.

Find a solution: this the final answer that you will support with the data, facts, assumptions, implications you have made and also with the principles and expertise you have in your field.

Both in the case interview and this situation, the solution itself is not important. The way you present it is the most relevant, the way you articulate it and understand the situation and implications behind it.

Contact decision makers: at this point you will set a meeting with the manager of the retailer in order to present your solution. You will tell them you are client and have identified a problem with their service or product and that you have a solution for it.

During the meeting you will present your case the way you do it as a consultant: tell the way you see their situation and problem or opportunity according to your research, client experience and present your arguments for the solution.

The client will have objections and questions about your solution. But it is not a problem because you will sell yourself and your expertise by presenting your mindset behind the solution and your approach to solving a problem. This means that you make a valuable contact and generate a lead.

Contact the consulting company: now you go the consulting company you, find the interviewers or other relevant decision makers and tell them you have generated a lead, a prospect client for the consulting company and you want to present their case.

When I applied this method, I got job offers on the spot.

In consultancy, the worse case would be that you still have to go through case interviews because they have to check you on more criteria: observe you how you work under pressure, team work and for consistency.

But definitely you will make it easier for you to get hired in a way nobody does it because you will stand out, apply the same criteria as in case interviews and generate a lead during the process.